High-end cooling for MRI systems in the Czech Republic.

High-end cooling for MRI systems in the Czech Republic

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Three strong partners offer the best medical technology for hospitals and doctors’ practices in the whole of the Czech Republic.

Prague. Not long ago, the coolers in the MRI systems that GE Healthcare sells in the Czech Republic came from different manufacturers. They were installed by different local service providers and another company dealt with the service aspect. “The components were not coordinated with one another and the wheel had to be re-invented for every system,” Dominik Sandler, Service Manager at Riedel, explains. This meant that customers experienced frequent downtimes, repairs and stress. “Insufficient cooling negatively affected the whole MRI system’s value, as well as GE Healthcare’s reputation in the Czech Republic overall.”

They made contact with Riedel in Kulmbach via premium service partner Johnson Controls Building Solutions in Prague because of the complex situation that they faced. The high-end MC coolers from Riedel are the tailor-made partner for superconducting MRI systems. They cool their helium compressor, which cools down the system’s core to as low as minus 269 degrees.

“We really appreciate how all the components and services related to cooling our MRI systems come from one source,” stresses Lukas Duba, Product Sales Specialist at GE Healthcare. “With Riedel, we can rely on components that are recognised as being of a high quality and on our partner’s extensive international experience. This increases our whole system’s reliability levels, saves money in the long term and plays a significant role in keeping our customers in hospitals or doctors’ practices happy.”

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