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As a pioneer in heat pump and cooling circuit technology, we are highly committed to elevating our customers to a new level of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. With maximum-efficiency system solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation.

With us you get concentrated cooling and heating competence, present in intelligent and maximally efficient system solutions. From ventilation and temperature management in buildings to precision cooling of technologies and processes. With locations in all important time zones and a global production and service network. Glen Dimplex brings together the Group's subsidiaries in Kalamazoo (USA), Shenyang (China) and Kulmbach.

Behind Glen Dimplex is the family-run Glen Dimplex Group from Dublin in Ireland, founded by Martin Naughton in 1973 and now a global market leader for electric heating solutions and domestic appliances. We can also look back on an amazing history at the Kulmbach site, dating back into the 19th century.

Facing climate change with future-orientated, innovative product concepts. That is our task. Because the worldwide energy consumption is increasing. And around half of the energy consumption is for heating and cooling. We therefore need solutions that are both environmentally-friendly, as well as efficient. This is why all Glen Dimplex cooling and heating systems are powered by electricity: the only energy that can be produced using completely renewable, CO2-free sources. And that's why all our systems use this energy as efficiently as possible: with minimal consumption and maximum result.

We don’t develop standard products, but efficient systems that fulfil even the highest demands. Intelligent heating, cooling and ventilation systems. With or without heat recovery. Designed based on the plug-and-play principle. With a high degree of prefabrication. Tailored to our customers’ needs.

Flexible systems with a modular design. And as a result, they are particularly easy to plan, can be expanded and are future proof. Simple design, installation, maintenance and operation. Compact and space saving. Highly efficient. Maximum integration. And intelligently controlled.

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