Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagment von Glen Dimplex Deutschland wird mit dem Gold-Zertifikat der AOK Bayern ausgezeichnet.

"The health of our employees is important to us."

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Glen Dimplex Deutschland´s occupational health management system awarded gold certificate by AOK Bayern.

Kulmbach, 14.02.2021 - Healthy employees are not only happier and more satisfied at work, but also increase the competitiveness of their company. The Kulmbach-based specialist for heating, cooling and ventilation, Glen Dimplex Deutschland, recognized this years ago. Now, the company has been awarded the gold certificate "Healthy Company" by the AOK Bavaria for its systematic and innovative commitment in the area of occupational health management (OHM).

“Glen Dimplex is not only a world leader in electric heating and cooling systems, but also a role model for companies when it comes to employee health.”

AOK Directorate Bayreuth-Kulmbach - Director Klaus Knorr

The basis for the high distinction is a comprehensive audit of occupational health management at Glen Dimplex by the AOK's certification partner, Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen GmbH (DQS). The pre-audit with the AOK already took place in June. In the fall, the audit was finally completed by DQS. Strengths and potential for improvement as well as the status of the company health management system were determined in accordance with a uniform nationwide quality standard. The audit covered, among other things, the existence of basic structures and processes, the assessment of the communication strategy, the risk assessment, and the consideration of various health offerings for employees.

Klaus Knorr von der AOK Bayern übergibt die Gold-Auszeichnung an Helga Knopf vom Betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagment Glen Dimplex Deutschland
Klaus Knorr from the AOK Bavaria (right) hands over the Gold Certificate to Helga Knopf from Occupational Health Management Glen Dimplex Deutschland in the presence of (left to right) Christoph Zimmermann (BGM & Occupational Safety Deutschland), Dr. Heinrich Behrens (Company Physician Glen Dimplex Deutschland), Michael Landgraf (CHRO Glen Dimplex Deutschland), Dr. Benjamin Dörr (BGM Glen Dimplex Deutschland) and Clemens Dereschkewitz (CEO Glen Dimplex Deutschland).

At Glen Dimplex, this includes a wealth of measures to promote and maintain the physical and mental health of employees. Examples range from psychological counseling in personal crises to the topics of "moving breaks," "healthy lunches," or "healthy leadership," to instructing interested employees to take over movement and relaxation training in their respective departments themselves. The works council is also actively involved.

AOK Gold-Zertifikat: Personalleiter Michael Landgraf im Interview mit dem Kulmbacher Sender Radio Plassenburg
Michael Landgraf (Chief People Officer Glen Dimplex Deutschland) in an interview with the Kulmbach-based radio station Radio Plassenburg

The company sees occupational health management as a strategic task based on four pillars: Occupational Medicine, Occupational Health Promotion, Occupational Integration Management and Occupational Safety. The focus is particularly on making it a holistic system and anchoring the idea of health in all areas and processes of the company. "Our managers and well-functioning communication within the company play a very important role in this," emphasizes Clemens Dereschkewitz.

“We are concerned with a holistic approach that reflects our company's attitude toward its employees. The health of our employees is important to us. This has a lot to do with respect and appreciation. Our commitment to the health of our employees also underscores one of our four core corporate values: People are at the center of everything we do.”

Glen Dimplex Deutschland - CEO Clemens Dereschkewitz

Glen Dimplex's occupational health management also scored particularly well with the auditors thanks to two special features: Firstly, the high participation rate in occupational integration management was impressive. This demonstrates the employees' great confidence in approaching the company with their health complaints and problems and working out solutions together with their superiors and the occupational health management team. On the other hand, the OHM team was able to put its offer of professional psychological counseling for employees with mental health problems on the line.